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Knucks Menu

{ Munchies }



Truffle Parmesan Fries  Thin fries tossed with truffle oil and parmesan cheese


Fresh cut potato chips Deep fried thinly cut potato slices


Fresh Cut Sweet Potato chips Deep fried thinly cut sweet potatos slices


Popcorn Chicken Bite-sized pieces of boneless chicken lightly battered and deep fried


Brussels Sprouts Brussels sprouts seasoned with garlic and parmesan cheese


Elote Mexican style street corn on the cob covered with mayo, parmesan cheese and chili powder


Spicy Garlic Edamame Soybeans in the pods stir fried with spicy garlic seasoning


Agedashi Tofu Tofu lightly battered and deep fried, topped with bonito flakes and soaked in tempura sauce


Shumai (8pcs) Deep fried shrimp dumpling


Gyoza (5pcs) Deep fried pork dumpling



Fresh Oysters* (Limited quantity daily) Fresh live canadian kusshi oysters on the half shells.


Oyster Shooter* (Limited quantity daily) Fresh oyster, salmon roe, quail egg, green onion, ponzu, and sake


Uni Shooter* (Limited quantity daily)  Fresh uni, salmon roe, quail egg, green onion, ponzu, and sake


Uni & Egg Toast*(4pcs)  (Limited Quantity Daily) Toasted baguette topped with scrambled egg, avocado, fresh uni, and salmon roe


Orange Miso Scallops (5pcs) Lightly fried jumbo scallops with orange miso dressing


Tako Wasabi* Raw octopus cut in pieces and seasoned with wasabi


Soft Shell Crab Lightly battered deep fried soft shell crab served with ponzu


Baked Mussels*(5pcs) New Zealand green mussels with creamy cheese mayo and tobiko


Baked Shrimps*(2pcs) King shrimp with creamy cheese mayo sauce and tobiko on top


Cajun Garlic Shrimp Shrimps stir fried in cajun garlic seasoning


Fried Oysters (5pcs) Oysters battered and deep fried, served with spicy mayo


Fried Baby Octopus (5pcs) Baby octopus lightly battered and deep fried


Grilled Whole Squid Whole squid grilled with sweet soy sauce


Shrimp Cream Cheese Wonton (4pcs) Deep fried shrimp and cream cheese wonton


Okonomiyaki   Japanese style pancake with assorted seafood and cabbage


Takoyaki (4pcs) Deep fried wheat flour balls filled with diced octopus



Kimchi Quesadilla Corn tortilla filled with cheese and pan-fried kimchi


K-BBQ Tacos Two house made tacos with your choice of meat { Bulgogi | Pork Belly| Spicy Pork }


K-BBQ Sliders Two house made sliders with your choice of meat { Bulgogi |  Pork Belly | Spicy Pork }


Bulgogi Fries French fries covered with cheese, salsa, olives, sour cream and topped with Bulgogi


Bulgogi Nachos Tortilla chips covered with cheese, salsa, olives, sour cream and topped with Bulgogi


Cheese Ddukbokki Rice cake and fish cake stir fried in Korean chili paste and topped with mozzarella cheese


Cream ddukbokki Rice cake, bacon and mushroom in house made cream sauce



Mac & Cheese House made mac & cheese topped with bacon bits


Corn Cheese Pan-fried sweet corn covered with mozzarella cheese


Meat & Cheese Platter* Salami, prosciutto, variety of cheese, seasonal fruits 




Knucks™ Original Wing  Knucks’ secret recipe deep fried chichen wings (6pcs) 


Knucks™ Sweet & Spicy Wing  Knucks original wing tossed in sweet & spicy sauce (6pcs) 


Knucks™ Soy Wing  Knucks original wing tossed in sweet soy base sauce (6pcs) 


Knucks™ Wing Sampler   3pcs of each Knucks original, sweet & spicy, and soy wings, plus french fries  



Kimchi Pasta   House made kimchi infused cream sauce and bacon over spaghetti noodle


Pork Belly Cream Pasta   House made cream pasta with grilled pork belly slices


Seafood Cream Pasta   House made cream pasta with shrimp, mussels, baby octopus, and clams


Uni Cream Pasta*  (Limited quantity daily)House made cream pasta with fresh uni, salmon roe, and green onion


Spaghetti & Meatball   House made meatballs and tomato sauce over spaghetti noodle


Tonkotsu Ramen* (Regular or Spicy) Japanese style ramen in pork bone soup, served with chashu pork and soft boiled egg


Hangover Seafood Ramen Korean style spicy ramen with assorted seafood, egg, and vegetables


Udon { Chicken | Beef | Vegetable } Japanese udon noodle soup served with your choice of meat 


Curry Udon { Chicken | Beef | Vegetable } Udon noodle in Japanese style curry and your choice of meat

{ RICE }


Kimchi Fried Rice* Pan fried rice with kimchi and vegetables with sunny side up egg on the top


Shrimp Fried Rice Pan fried rice with grilled shrimps and vegetables


Filet Mignon Fried Rice Pan fried rice with filet mignon steak and vegetables


Omelette Rice* veggie fried rice topped with fluffy egg and house made demi glace sauce


Unagi Don Rice topped with fresh water eel seasoned with unagi sauce


Katsu Don Rice topped with egg, vegetables and deep fried pork cutlet


Bulgogi deopbap Rice topped with Bulgogi and vegetables  


Spicy Pork deopbap Rice topped with Korean spicy pork and vegetables


Spicy Octopus deopbap Rice topped with octopus stir fried in Korean spicy chili paste



Filet Mignon Tataki* Filet mignon lightly seared, sliced thinly, and marinated with ponzu sauce


Hamburger steak House made jumbo hamburger steak (beef & pork) served with vegetables and sunny side up egg


LA Galbi Korean style marinated beef short ribs



Tofu & Kimchi 두부김치   Fresh tofu served with pan-fried kimchi and pork belly slices  


Bossam 보쌈 Seasoned boiled pork belly served with spicy radish, steamed bokchoy, and soybean paste mayo


Chicken Gizzard 닭똥집 볶음 Chicken gizzard stir fried with garlic, onion and jalapeno


Spicy Octopus 낙지 볶음  Octopus stir fried in Korean spicy chili paste


Sea Snails Salad  골뱅이 무침  Sea snails and fresh vegetables seasoned with Korean chili paste

Seafood Pancake 해물파전   Korean pancake with assorted seafood and green onion


Pork Cutlet 돈까스   Deep fried pork cutlet covered with house made demi glace sauce, served with cole slaw on the side


Beef Tartare* 육회 Raw beef seasoned with Korean style soy seasoning, topped with raw egg yolk, pear slices,and fresh veggies


Fish Cake Soup  어묵탕 Assorted fish cakes in soy base broth  


Mussel Soup 홍합탕 Fresh mussels boiled in broth





Tempura Ice Cream Deep fried french vanilla ice cream topped with mixed berry purée


Mochi Ice Cream Assorted mochi ice cream (flavors may vary daily)


Lychee & Peach Sweetened lychee and peach slices over ice


+ Happy hour menu available 5 - 8 pm everyday

+ Menu items are subject to change without prior notice

+ Chef's specials available daily

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